Status of LIFT

NOTICELIFT has been dissolved as of June 2013.

Please direct any requests for assistance for Iraqi families to the International Institute of New England in Lowell. Their contact info is available on our Resources page, see link at top right of home page.

Details about the LIFT group appear below:

Since the Fall of 2009 we have ben providing support and friendship to Iraqi refugees primarily in Lowell, MA and surrounding towns. This included partnering with the families, providing companionship, helping them to adjust to the American culture, way of life and language, as well as the provision of social programs and events. We offered ESL conversation fellowship meetings and specific programs to provide bicycles & locks, monthly bus passes for Iraqi High School students, Winter footwear for incoming families, bedbug remediation, diaper supplements and more.

When we started LIFT there were 19 families in Lowell. There are now over 100! In conjunction with the Merrimack Valley People for Peace and other individuals we have been able to make a difference in the lives of these families. We have learned from them what it is to live with grace under severe stress and with courage in the face of extreme adversity. Our many programs have been largely funded by donations from parishioners and friends of First Parish in Bedford, for which the many Iraqi families who have directly benefitted thank you profoundly.

Much of the content of this site has been disabled. If you wish to learn more about our work helping Iraqi refugees, please contact the site's copyright holder shown at the foot of the page. Thank you for your interest.
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